Stop Drinking DEAD, ADICID Water    

Our 10 Day

Water HEALTH Boot Camp

Is designed to teach you about the healthiest water on earth.  Did you know the TYPE of water you drink can have a drastic impact on your health?  It sure can!

We are about to show you!

Change Your Water, Change Your Life    

M E E T  C O A C H  J O D I

My name is Jodi and I am a Health Coach and I LOVE WATER!
  By profession I am a weight loss coach.  As I coached my dieters to do specific things to help them lose weight I found myself telling them, "Drink more water!"  However, as my education deepened, I discovered the kind of water people drink is often doing them more harm than good.

In 2014 I was introduced to an amazing, special, health-healing water that blessed my entire family.  Since that day I have been in love with the taste, the quality, and ALL the HEALTH BENEFITS it has to offer.   

When I purchased my own machine my entire family fell in love with it.  My kids have since grown up and moved away. Now they all have their own machines.  Sharing it with hundreds of people all over the world has become a way of life.  Everyone needs to know about this.

Now, it's your turn to find out more!

The kind of water we drink DOES matter!

We can't wait to teach you all about it and let you see how it compares to the water you are currently drinking.

  Then you can make your own informed decision!

Top 10 Reasons We Must Drink Water    

  • Regulates your body temperature
  • Protects your joints, tissues, and spinal cord
  • Helps get rid of waste
  • ​Aids in digestion
  • Accelerates nutrient absorption
  • Assists  in weight loss
  • Improves circulation throughout your entire body
  • Helps improve mood and cognitive function
  • Helps skin remain hydrated and may promote collagen production
  • Prevents overall dehyration

Come To Our 10 Day Boot Camp  

Boot Camp Is Only

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

  • Learn why disease and illness love acid
  • Learn how one machine can bless an entire family
  • ​Learn how to get an unlimited supply of the best water on earth
  • ​Learn how you can get your own machine for free
  • See why people all over the world want a Kangen water machine
  • ​And so much more

Here is a sneak peek at the HEALTH benefits

All Disease & Illness Thrive In An Acidic Body    

Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Price in 1931 for his discovery that all disease and illness thrive in an acidic environment. 

So... if our goal in life is to live as healthy and happy as possible, pH in your body DOES MATTER.   With this knowledge we should not be drinking dead, acidic water that helps create a body more susceptible to disease and illness.

We do NOT WANT THAT... right?

Drinking a perfect pH water all day everyday is a fantastic benefit to living healthier.

We have a machine that actually creates this special water right in your own home.  They are available ALL over the world. In fact, we are currently in 23 countries and have 40 locations.

Check Out The Kangen Water Machine    

  Would you agree water isn't quite as pure and clean as it once was?
In some places around the world, it is flat out dangerous!

Imagine drinking pure, clean, perfect pH (alkaline), alive and full-of-antioxidant water!

This is exactly what our machine does.  It is licensed as "Medical Equipment" in Japan and
all over the world it is placed in the kitchen producing an unlimited supply of the healthiest water.

Take ten minutes right now to see the actual machine.  Prepare to be AMAZED!

C O M E   L E A R N   

Come To Our 
10 Day Boot Camp

Most people have no idea such a simple change (like changing your water) can have such an impact on your body and your overall health.  We can't wait to teach you!

Our company's motto is, "Change your water, change your life!"  We are excited to show you why this is so true.    

Sign up for our Boot Camp!  It has a one-time fee of $27.00 for 10 days of learning!

Here Are Your Boot Camp Details  

The Cost

  • $27.00 -This is a one-time fee.
  • Time:  There is a lesson everyday for 10 days.  You can go faster or slower.  Just go at your own pace!
  • Effort:  We show you a variety of things to help you truly understand the power drinking the right kind of water can have on your health. You will need to be willing to learn.    

The Benefits

  • Knowledge - They say knowledge is power.  We cannot wait to show you how so many health benefits (from little issues to much bigger) can be effected by the kind of water we drink   
  • Living Healthier - Our boot camp teaches how to fuel your body all day every day with a type of water that actually promotes health instead of tearing it down.      

Start Your "Water HEALTH" Boot Camp

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Enjoy These EXTRA Bonuses  

Bonus #1

E-Book:  The Antioxidant Power

Throughout the WATER Boot Camp you will be learning the power to the health and wellness of our bodies by consuming an abundance of antioxidants.  This book will help show the power of antioxidants.  Then once you learn why this is important you will be super happy to learn with our special water you will have the ability to drink your antioxidants all day long.  It is powerful!

Bonus #2

The Drinking Water Challenge

We all know we are suppose to drink water but how much should we drink and do we really do it?  This challenge will help you do better!  Plus, once you learn about the kind of water you CAN drink, chances are you are definitely going to want to.

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